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Hi my name is Fiona, and I was born in Aberdeen Scotland.  I am now living near Lourdes, France

A channeled message from a friend....

Fiona is an outstanding intuitive healer performing selflessly, directing positive spirits intentions to all those who are drawn to receive healing from her.  Most feel uplifted in obvious and not so transparent ways after receiving spirits benefit through Fiona. 

She is loved by spirit who are drawn to her energy and thus this energy is freely passed.  An inner happiness resides in the spirit world and is passed on, as spirit knows the cosmic wheel of life is something to celebrate and enjoy rather than endure.

Feelings of love will come to the fore and you shall be bereft of the feelings of guilt.  Your higher energies should be allowed to flow as they flow through Fiona and her ilk. 

Spiritual healing is at her heart as well as the need and love to pass it on at absolutely your highest perceivable level.

With love from the spirit world, we kiss you and encourage you and all those that are drawn to you and are touched by you. 

We bow our heads in encouragement for you to continue.


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