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I suffer from Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and have experienced three intense cycles of chemotherapy and one of radiotherapy  I am now in remission but the treatments have taken their toll.

"How to cope after treatment" is a question often addressed by clinicians and professionals.  For me, I found Fiona.

She is a very special lady with a unique gift for healing.  Her calming manner has enabled me to dispel worrying panics which cancer patients experience.

I do not understand how Reiki works but I do know that I feel her powers working on my body, particularly on areas which have been weakened by the disease and treatment.  I feel that her healing powers are improving my general health and are enabling me to progress positively and with confidence.

I know that many will benefit from working with her.


Hi Fiona,

I know when I came to see you. I was very tired. I couldn't find a way to have a break from caring for my son Andrew who has leukaemia (at the time). You were very supportive and talked with Ron and I and suggested Reiki.

After the first session I noticed a change. My energy levels increased I became more positive. The atmosphere at home changed I believe my family also received healing.

I would definitely recommend Reiki to anyone and particularly with Fiona who is very skilled at making you feel safe and relaxed.

Fiona definitely has a very special gift and although I am sad she is leaving......  Fiona is one of a few very rare people that have made a difference in our lives and I will miss her.

Lots of Love


ps Words don't seem enough You really have to experience it for yourself!!!!!

Dear Fi

Fiona's point of arrival as a very intuitive, gifted healer has been supported by her journey of discovery over an extended period of time.

Her healing work is informed by a huge amount of dedicated research, diligent study and practise of many different aspects of healing in different parts of the world.

She brings great wisdom and the transformational power of love to each client she meets.

Your understanding of yourself and the world in which you live will be deeply affected as a result of your decision to experience a healing session with her.

With great love and respect

your friend, Doreen x

Dearest Fi,

You have a unique connection to Great Spirit and the Earth Mother and you add a little something special of your own to every therapy session.  I know that all those who are attracted towards you for therapy sessions will emerge blessed by the experience.

All my love


Fiona has a unique gift in the area of healing. I have had several bodywork sessions with Fiona over the years and have found her gentleness, natural intuition and professional manner the perfect balance of what I look for when I visit a practitioner.

Jill Webster

"I decided to try Reiki after being recommended to Fiona.  Like many people I have a very stressful job and that had a very negative impact on my physical and emotional health.  I was quite highly strung and also suffer from alopecia areata (while there are no doubt genetic reasons for this condition, I believe that my high tension levels have contributed to it)  I started having Reiki regularly from July 2009 normally each Friday.  I could not wait for the end of the week to have my Reiki session (not just the weekend).  For me the experience was amazing: I feel physical energy flow coursing through my body whilst Fiona was working.  It was just what I needed to help relax me for the weekend and gave me an underlying sense of peace.  After being given little hope by the dermatologist about my hair re-growing (it's been nearly three years since it started to fall out) my hair started to grow back in 2010 (albeit very slowly) and I am still working on it!  There may be many reasons for this but I am certain learning how to relax and letting go of stressful negative emotions through Reiki has been a factor in this.


Fiona is an empathic and intuitive healer whose help and guidance since July 2009 has been a Godsend for me.  Although I still have bad work days, I feel far more enlightened and able to deal with issues thrown in my path.  Now that Fiona is practising in France I miss the buzz of my weekly sessions but am looking forward to the absent healing ...

Sarah, Aberdeen"

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