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The knowledge of Reiki is traditionally passed from master to student and is acquired in several stages.  (Download a pdf file of Fiona’s lineage)


When one is initiated into Reiki they become a channel for life.  You may wish to learn Reiki to treat yourself or your family, or you may want to learn Reiki to treat others professionally.  I can teach you on a one to one basis or you can come to my next workshop.

Reiki Workshops - One and Two Day Certified Courses

These courses are designed to create awareness and confidence in working with your healing energy. It also aims to highlight our individual healing gifts. This in turn will allow you to bring love and healing to both yourself and those around you.

Reiki I
Receive the initial attunement into the Reiki energy. Learn to heal yourself, family and friends.

Reiki II
Learn the first of the sacred Reiki symbols and receive the second attunement to Increase your healing gift.  This is the practitioner level of Reiki which allows you to treat others professionally.

Advanced Reiki Training
For tho
se who are not ready to or not interested in being able to initiate and train others.  ART involves learning the Master symbol, receiving the attunement and taking time to practice giving treatments using the master symbol.

Reiki III
Enables you to teach Reiki.  The Reiki Master Degree is for those who wish to teach Reiki and includes training on how to give the attunement.

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