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Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy uses quartz or gemstones.  These are placed on and around the body in a pattern to release any blockages.  Crystal therapy puts the client into a deep state of relaxed meditation in which they can process deeply held issues at an accelerated rate.  Bringing balance and harmony into the body.  Crystal therapy works on the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual levels of the body.

What to expect during a Crystal or Energy Healing Session?

I will place crystals on and around your body and work with the energies of the crystals and your own energy field.

You may feel a pleasant warmth, cool, tingling, pulsing and ‘see’ colours and lights, every healing experience is different.

To lie with Crystal or Reiki energy is a relaxing experience that may gently release emotions, you may feel the need to talk, many people drift softly into sleep.

At times, existing issues may slightly intensify before being released.  This occurs usually within three days of a treatment.

What Post Treatment Advice

In order to get the most out of your treatment and to aid the healing process, it is advisable to:

  1. BulletDrink plenty of water.  This helps flush out the toxins that have been released from your cells into your system.

  2. BulletEat a light diet.  This is to prevent energy needed for healing from going to your stomach to digest a heavy meal.  Eat raw foods such as fruit and vegetables if possible for vitality and cleansing effects.

  3. BulletAvoid tea and coffee.  These are stimulants and should be avoided after a treatment.  Drink herbal teas or fresh fruit/vegetable juice instead.

  4. BulletAvoid alcohol and smoking.

  5. BulletRest and relax as much as possible.  This allows the body to commence healing.

For further information or to book a Crystal Therapy or a Distant Healing please contact me on telephone 06 88 66 30 53 to discuss further.


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